The Cape Courier:

31 Years Serving the Spirit of Community

It’s hard to remember a time when we didn’t have the Courier to share not only information about events in our little town, but also to provide a sense of community, a common bond that connects everyone and reminds us every couple of weeks that we’re all connected in some way as we read articles about what seniors are doing, local The Cape Courier’s first issue, dated March 5, 1988.

Although technology has changed how the paper is produced, staff and volunteers have remained true and committed to the mission of The Cape Courier. That mission is to foster a sense of community by presenting news specific and unique to Cape Elizabeth or its residents; and, whenever possible, to promote volunteerism within the community.

“Working at the Courier was a great way to connect to other people in town. I made some of my dearest friends through the Courier. I love newspapers and I always felt proud to be a part of this one.”

— Wendy Derzawiec, former writer, webmaster and the Courier’s first editor.

“My favorite part of working on the paper was the people. Going in on proofing day was fun – being with a group of smart women (and occasionally a man), talking about the stories, and the finer points of grammar and punctuation. Everyone wanted the paper to be the best it could be.”

— Diane Brakeley, former paste-up volunteer, proof-reader, writer, formatter, ad manager and publisher.

I loved putting the letters page together and always appreciated those people willing to openly speak out on important issues. That page was really a continuing story about the town. I also loved looking at all the great photos from our volunteer photographers, especially the nature photos that Martha Agan would send me for every edition. It was hard to choose which photos to run on our limited pages, but probably also the most fun part of the job.”

— Elizabeth Brogan, former writer, community editor, editor and board member