Ad Rates

Pricing Examples COLOR Reg Ads Discount B&W Reg Ads Discount
Number of issues 1 to 10x 11+ 1 to 10x 11+
Price per column inch $17.50 $16 $14 $12.50
1 col x 2 inches $35 $32 $28 $25
2 col x 5 inches $175 $160 $140 $125
Vertical qtr. page(2 col x 7.25 inches) $253.75 $232 $203 $181.25
Horizontal qtr. page(3 col x 5 inches) $262.50 $240 $210 $187.50
Vertical half page(2 col x 15 inches) $525 $480 $420 $375
Horizontal half page(4 col x 7.25 inches) $507.5 $464 $406 $362.50
Full page(4 col x 15 inches) $1050 $960 $840 $750

Camera Ready: All ads must be sent “camera ready.” That means 200 dpi or greater, B&W ads must be grayscale, COLOR ads must be CMYK color mode. ALL ads must be saved as high quality pdfs or jpegs and be sized correctly.

Color Ad Space is available in every issue for 2018, but only on designated color pages, and avaiable on a first come, first serve basis.

Non-Profit Organizations receive a discount of 10% off the price of their ads.

Special Placement costs 25% of the price of the ad.

Design Services: We can help with ad creation. Our rate is $35 per hour, billed in fifteen minute increments.

Inserts: $275 for a single 8.5×11 sheet or $325 for a folded 11×17. We can accommodate larger inserts, please call for more information. Advertiser is responsible for printing and delivering 4800 copies of insert to Portland Press Herald 295 Gannett Dr. South Portland, ME 04106 Shipping and  receiving hours are Mon-Fri from 7am – 5pm. Receivers can be reached by paging phone 272-6998

Classified Ads are $5 per line, 6 words per line. All classified ads must be prepaid.


Pre-payment is required for:
  • New Advertiser’s first ad
  • Political Advertisements
  • Advertisers with overdue balances
  • Inserts
  • Classified ads
  • Ad space must be reserved.
  • Camera-Ready ads are due 12 days before publication.
  • Publisher assumes no liability for errors in ads that have been approved by the advertiser.
  • Payment is due within 20 days of publication.
  • Finance charge of 1.5% per month will be applied to accounts more than 30 days old.
  • Checks, and MC/Visa accepted.
  • Rates and conditions subject to change on 30-days notice.
Coming Soon!

Front page banner ads and ad space on our website! Check back for more information in the coming months.

To Advertise:

Contact Tara Simopoulos, Advertising Manager or (207) 939-9766.